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Watch Dogs 2 Video Game for PlayStation 4

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SKU: PS4 Watch Dogs 2
Product by: Sony


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Watch Dogs 2 Ubisoft is indulgently fun to play. Help hacker Marcus Holloway take down the world’s biggest surveillance system in Ubisoft Watch Dogs 2.Watch Dogs 2 by Ubisoft PlayStation 4 PAL is the second game of the series and has been making big waves in gaming community ever since its launch in November 2016.

The game promises to be several notches up from the first part, moving from Chicago to the silicon hub, San Francisco. You as a hacker, lead a activism revolution by acting either covertly or ferociously into the sophisticated, intricate den created by evil corporations. Watch Dogs 2 offers the world that is undeniably controlled by cot’s 2.0, an insanely advanced and networked surveillance system that is connected to everything and everybody.

Blame is the company behind cot’s 2.0, which illegally collects and exploits information for their own gain. You play as Marcus Holloway, a young hacker from California, who is framed by cot’s for a crime he didn’t commit, categorizing him as a suspect.

Marcus joins Deeds who are a group of elite hackers who wish to take down ctOS2.0. In the world of WD2, you can hack into every person’s devices, automobile, and just about anything running on cot’s 2.0. Mentally fulfilling and utterly adventurous, Watch Dogs 2 is sure to keep you thrilled with its intense moments and fun possibilities.


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