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Energizer CR2025 3V Lithium Battery Packet Of 5

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Perfect for use in low channel gadgets like watches, and so forth, the Energizer CR2025 is one of the perfect long-lasting coin cells accessible in the market. It features an astoundingly solid Lithium Manganese Dioxide technology and produces 3 Volts of power holding a colossal 100Mah charge. They provide extensive usability and come with a long shelf life for storage. It’s the ideal power source for your small gadgets, without worrying about frequent replacements.


  • Battery size: ECR2025
  • Holds a charge of 100mAh and is rated 3 volts
  • Features a unique Lithium Manganese Dioxide chemistry
  • Provides long lasting power source
  • Ideal for use in watches, calculators, and other small devices.


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