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Energizer CR2016 3V Lithium Battery Packet of 5

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Intended for use in low channel gadgets like watches, calculators, etc. the Energizer CR2016 is one of the most unique and longest enduring coin cells available in the market. Highlighting a staggeringly strong Lithium Manganese Dioxide technology, this incredible cell produces 3 Volts of intensity and holds a monstrous 100 Mah charge, giving your hardware all the power, they’ll ever require. Notwithstanding their crude power, these cells sport an extensive timeframe of realistic usability, making them perfect for gadgets used sometimes or for keeping around the house for when you need them most.


  • Battery size: ECR2016
  • The cell produces 3 Volts of intensity and delivers 100mAh charge.
  • Ideal for low-drain devices such as calculators and watches.
  • Features Lithium Manganese Dioxide chemistry which delivers power that the devices need.


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