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BruteForce Raptor Leverage Functional Trainer

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Product by: BruteForce



The BRUTEforce RAPT Leverage Functional Trainer helps you exercise all muscle groups with multiple exercises for each body part. It offers weight LOAD capacities for Pressing/Squatting Arms 250kg (550lbs) and cable/pulley 180kg (396lbs). This trainer is the ideal choice for the beginners and adjustable Safety limiters offers a safe environment when attempting your ‘MAX’. RAPT features a Squat Bar Quick Release System allows users to position themselves perfectly.

RAPTOR feature two arms that can be used with or without connecting bars according to the exercises you prefer to do. Industrial-grade high density foam padding with commercial grade upholstery and the frame that is powder coated finish. The parts are made with industrial grade high tensile strength rated for heavy loads.

Model Number BRUTE-RAPT
Weight 301 kg
Dimension 225 x 88 x 33 cm
Footprint 1380x1900x2160mm
Mainframe 70x50mm
Tube Thickness 3mm
Weight LOAD capacities for cable/pulley 180 kg
Weight LOAD capacities for Pressing/Squatting Arms 250kg


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